T.S.C. Eglinton October News

Due to overwhelming requests, we decided that Sherry R.Ac will work on Tuesdays(10:00 – 15:00) and Saturdays(10:00 – 17:00) from October 16th.

Sherry (Xiaoxue) Yin         R.Ac., M.Sc., Ph.D

Xiaoxue is a CTCMPAO registered acupuncturist and TCM instructor at Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine, Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She was a medical doctor practicing integrated TCM and Western medicine specialized in Traumatology and Orthopaedics for over 20 years in a first-class general hospital in China before going overseas. She did her post doctoral research in the department of orthopaedics and sports medicine at University of Washington Medical Center before coming to Canada.

Xiaoxue(Sherry) received her medical degree in TCM and M.Sc. in integrated traumatology from Shanxi University of TCM, and Ph.D. in orthopaedics from Peking University. In addition to pain management and general practice of acupuncture, Xiaoxue is truly an expert in the area of sports medicine, traumatology/orthopaedics, and rehabilitation.

Xiaoxue has been a TCM instructor at Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine, Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine for three years. She is one of the most popular teachers and has trained numerous Acupuncture and TCM students in Toronto.

We also have other highly experienced therapists


George Davis

Over 20 years’ experience.

If your scared of needles but you desire the amazing affect of acupuncture. George performs a unique method that stimulates acupuncture point with his Manual Finger Therapy. His Shiatsu is a great antidote for stress + tension.


Koppel Halshtok

20 years experience treating pain, tension, posture, mobility, flexibility, body alignment, sport injury and athletic therapy.

If you want to get a strong massage to meet your satisfaction, his deep tissue massage is 99.9% satisfaction guaranteed.


R.Ac / R.TCMP Alex Ngui (Insurance coverage available)

Providing specialized Acupuncture in medical and traditional Chinese Medicine, Alex works exceptionally well with Cupping , Reiki, Fertility Acupuncture, Sport taping, Reflexology,  Acudetox for Addiction/Smoking Cessation and cosmetic Acupuncture (Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture).


R.Ac Julia Kankis ( Insurance coverage available)

Using Acupuncture, Shiatsu & Tuina massage, Cupping and Reflexology, Julia can treat a wide range of disorders. From headaches to musculoskeletal issues, stress and fertility, she can help determine what works best for you.


R.Ac Cynthia McGgilvray ( Insurance coverage available)

Combining gentle techniques such as Japanese  Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Moxabustion, Cupping and Guasha, Cynthia can provide relief from conditions such as musculoskeletal pain, digestive disorders, stress, anxiety, trauma, sleep and various disorders. She works towards bringing harmony to your body and mind so that you see a difference after each session.

R.Ac Chiho Yamaguchi ( Insurance coverage available)

She specialized in athletic and stress related issues, Using a combination of massage and acupuncture.

Kanako Shintaku

She is a member of Japanese Shiatsu and Holistic Medicine Society of Canada and a licensed Holistic practitioner in Toronto.