We are open during the lockdown.

Tokyo Shiatsu Clinic (Eglinton) and Suzuki Shiatsu (Beaches) will remain open during the lockdown for treatments provided by our Registered Therapists who have acupuncture registration. We are practicing the safety procedures to ensure that we can safely provide our service for your health, by sanitizing all the equipment and surroundings before every treatment, washing all the lines after every use on site, and other necessary measures introduced by public health authorities and regulatory college of acupuncture.

Registered Therapists
– Don (Eglinton & Beaches)
– Chiho (Eglinton)
– Julia (Eglinton)
– Cynthia (Eglinton & Beaches)
– Maryan (Eglinton & Beaches)

You can book with Registered Therapists online or call 416-488-8414 (Eglinton) / 416-691-7105 (Beaches).

On the other hand, while acupuncture is accepted as medical treatment in Ontario, shiatsu massage is not. Therefore, by following the rules and restrictions of the lockdown by City of Toronto, we will stop providing treatments given by Certified Therapists until the lockdown ends.

Certified Therapists
– George
– Koppel
– Vanessa

Thank you for your generous understanding and support during this difficult time.
If you have any question or concern, please feel free to contact us by email: info@tokyoshiatsu.com or call 416-488-8414 (Eglinton).