Extended Healthcare Coverage

Massage therapy, shiatsu, reflexology, and acupuncture treatments are often covered by extended medical expense under your employee benefits. If you have employee benefits, please find out the following before you make your appointments. When you call, inform us that you need a certain type of therapist for the coverage.

What types of treatments does your insurance package covers?

Some insurance policy only covers certain types of treatments.

Examples of insurance coverage

  • Massage therapy done by a registered massage therapist
  • Acupuncture
  • Shiatsu treatments
  • Reflexology

How much coverage does it have?

Insurance policies have coverage limits either on a per-visit basis, annual basis, or both.

Example of coverage limits

  • A treatment that exceeds $50
  • A treatment up to $50 per visit
  • Total of $500.00 in a year

What documents do you require?

Some insurance companies require a medical receipt for each of your visits while others require an official medical statement at the end of a year. Please tell us about your requirements!

We will issue a medical receipt and/or statement upon request. Please inform us at the reception. We do not bill your insurance company directly.

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