Medical Receipts and Statements

Medical Receipts

All our medical receipts are issued by individual therapists, whose practices are regulated by their own profession. Therefore, we DO NOT issue medical receipts for gift certificates or book coupons since we need a treatment record for each medical receipt.

Attention to Walk-In clients

If you require a medical receipt, please ask the receptionist at each visit.

Medical Statements for Appointment-Based Clients

It requires approximately 5 business days to issue statements for appointment-based treatments; please allow enough time to generate medical statements.   Charges vary depending on the statement for appointment-based clients.

Medical Statements for Walk-In Clients

It would require more time to gather all information for walk-in sessions since we do not have a medical record for each visit. Charges vary depending on the medical statement request for Walk-In clients.

We do not keep medical records for our walk-in sessions, unless otherwise requested. Please inform us on your first visit to avoid any future complications.

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