Types of Treatments – What are the difference?

Room Treatments / Private room Sessions

Image of a private room treatment

Room treatments (appointment based) are recommended if you;

  • Would like a private room for your treatment
  • Would like to see a particular therapist
  • Can only come in a certain time-period
  • Require serious medical attention
  • Require medical receipts

Private room treatments are available at Tokyo Shiatsu Clinic @ Eglinton (416-488-8414).

Duration Fee
Half Session 30 min $45
Regular Session 55 min $82
Delux Session 80 min $117
Double Session 110 min $164

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Walk-in Sessions

Image of open treatment area

Walk-in sessions are suitable if you;

  • Would like to drop by when you are around the area
  • Do not care who would treat you
  • Would not mind waiting or coming back at a later time when no one is available

Walk-in treatments are available at all locations:Tokyo Shiatsu Clinic @ Eglinton (416-488-8414) and Suzuki Shiatsu @ Beaches (416-691-7105).

Duration Fee
10 min $14
15 min $21
20 min $28
30 min $42
45 min $63
60 min $84

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