Gift Certificate

Considering what present to give for celebration or greetings? What to gift for your parents, grandparents or even friends for Christmas? TSC offers a gift certificate that you can gift a treatment by our experienced therapists to someone you care, and give him/her a nice relaxing and comforting experience.

Our gift certificate is valid for 6 months from the date purchased. There is no rush to use it. There is no extra charge. You just simply pay the price for a treatment.

TSC’s Registered Therapists who have acupuncture registration offer acupuncture and shiatsu massage, while Certified Therapists provide shiatsu massage with reasonable price. Also, each therapist has various specialties and skills such as tuina massage, moxibustion and reflexology. Please check a therapist’s profile on our website for more details.

< Acupuncture / Shiatsu massage>
by Registered Therapists

60 mins: $96 (Senior $86)
90 mins: $144 (Senior $134)
120 mins: $192 (Senior $182)

< Shiatsu massage>
by Certified Therapists

60 mins: $90 (Senior $81)
90 mins: $135 (Senior $126)
120 mins: $192 (Senior $182)

Senior price is applied for over 65 years old.
Tax is included in the price.

Treatments by Certified Therapist are currently paused due to the regulations for lockdown in Toronto. As soon as the lockdown is over, we will start the service with Certified Therapists. For those who want to purchase a treatment by Certified Therapist, the expiry date will be
accommodated to the end of the lockdown. Thank you for your understanding.

Purchasing at clinics

You can buy at both clinics, Tokyo Shiatsu Clinic (Eglinton) and Suzuki Shiatsu (Beaches). Come and talk to a receptionist and we can issue it either in a PDF form sent to your email or a paper form. It will only take a couple of minutes to process. Please note that a gift certificate is eligible at the location purchased at. You cannot purchase one at Eglinton for someone to use it at Beaches.

Purchasing online

For online purchase, we only accept e-transfer as a method of payment. Once the payment is complete, we issue a gift certificate and send it to you with a receipt. We can also send the gift certificate directly to a person you want to gift to, if you have his/her email address.

Tokyo Shiatsu Clinic

2409 Yonge Street, Suite #300
Toronto, ON, M4P 2E7

Suzuki Shiatsu

2373 Queen Street East,
Toronto, ON, M4E 1H2

Thank you for your interests in TSC’s gift certificates. For any question and concern, please contact or call 416-488-8414.