Alex Schenker

Picture of AlexShiatsu Therapist

Utilizing intense but comfortable stretches along with deep soothing pressure, Alex’s treatments aim to affect the core of your structure and not just the muscles and superficial meridians. He can work with a wide range of issues and specializes in treatment of the neck, shoulders, lower back and hips. His style is strong and supportive but by request Alex can also gives subtle energy work as treatment.

Alex’s childhood served to lead him on his way to becoming a therapist. His mother, being an energy worker, reflexologist and yoga teacher, taught him healing touch as a small child and guided him through meditations and basic yoga practice. In 2002 Alex obtained certification in Reiki, practicing on friends and family. After a few years he chose to learn the more hands on technique of Shiatsu, choosing this art for its balanced focus on both physical and energetic therapy.

Alex began training Shiatsu in 2005 from Kokoro Dojo’s intensive diploma program, graduating in and maintaining a professional practice since 2007. He maintains continuing studies in advanced Shiatsu techniques as well as Martial Arts (Aikido) and Ki Development.

Picture of Alex

Message from Alex

Body and mind are one piece, they affect one another and depend on each other, yet most of us are so separated from our bodies that we consider it a part from our selves. Poor posture and movement, unhealthy eating habits, shallow breathing, cluttered and stressful environments, and negative thinking are the causes of our health problems.

So whether you just want the relief that comes with a professional shiatsu treatment or the guidance to take charge and change your life, I have something very good to offer.

I look forward to meeting you.

1 thought on “Alex Schenker

  1. Alex. Are you working anytime in January 6-9 ? I am looking for 1 hr appts for me and my daughter whom you have treated in the Beaches in the past but have moved since then. Let me know if you are available on dates above as my daughter Nicole is in TO then. Thanks. Janet Anderson

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