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Shiatsu Therapist

Kiyomi’s first exposure to the realm of alternative treatments was through her father’s struggle with his chronic disc problem when she was very young. She became a therapist in 1992. Since then, she has learned that the majority of the clients’ discomfort stems from their bodies’ imbalance, and her fascination towards the mechanisms of human and various treatment approaches grew.

Kiyomi combines massage, seitai, shiatsu, reflexology, acupuncture and moxibustion to provide a best possible treatment to each of her clients. She has been practicing at Tokyo Shaitsu Clinic (both Yonge x Eglinton and Beaches) since 1993 and she has many long-term and regular clients.

Kiyomi’s motivation towards new treatments has not diminished after many years of practice. Now she is learning and applying shiatsu and moxibustion therapies for dogs and cats. Also beauty treatments, such as wrinkle care, lift-up, and rejuvenating care are also in her current interests.

Kiyomi is a licensed Holistic Practitioner in Toronto and an active member of Shiatsu Therapist Alliance and The Japanese Shiatsu and Holistic Medicine Society of Canada.

Kiyomi Suzuki

Message from Kiyomi

My approach to a treatment is “restoring the body’s balance” rather than “curing the symptoms.” Blances in chi-energy, feeling and mind are the keys in my approach. My treatment is not painful. Please feel free to discuss treatment options with me.

Our clients say…

Mr. S.B.

Picture of S.B.
Management Consultant – 72 yrs old

I have been coming for 16 years to Suzuki Shaitsu / Tokyo Shiatsu Clinic for shaitsu therapy for two serious disc problems. This has been a big help to me in maintaining good health and an active life.

– treated by Kiyomi –

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