Tomomi Kataoka

tomomitreatmentShiatsu Therapist

Tomomi is a certified Shiatsu practitioner. She completed the 2200-hour Shiatsupractor® Diploma Program in Shiatsu Academy of Tokyo. Before she began her therapeutic career, she completed the Food Science Diploma Program from Sonoda College in Japan and studied Kinesiology in York University. She also received her certificate of the Psychotherapy Program from Creative Power Japan Inc.

Tomomi has always found a great fascination in the BALANCE of human body, understanding of that all aspects of one’s life (lifestyle, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) play a collaborative role in one’s health. Every day she strives to deepen her knowledge to expand and refine her practice. Her treatments are tailored to your specific needs.


Message from Tomomi

My objective is to reach optimal health and wellness for every client. I believe the inter-relationship between body, mind and spirit affects human’s vital functions and performance in all areas of one’s life, and Shiatsu is one of effective therapeutic approaches utilized for the treatment of physical stress as well as mental stress. To align your body, mind and energy through Shiatsu treatment, I motivate you to enhance your life with balance and well-being.

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