R.Ac. ALEX Promotion Aug 1 – Aug31

Acupuncture , Shiatsu Massage

30 Minutes @ $40 ( $50 Value)

60 Minutes @ $72 ($96 value)


Alex Ngui is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R.TCMP) and Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac). His journey to learning the Chinese art of healing started in 2011at Eastern College in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he received his Acupuncture Degree. Alex has also achieved substantial experience and knowledge in acupuncture through energy healing by treating aliments from aches and pain to mental emotional, pregnancy to cancer. Additionally, Alex is well versed in other healing modalities such as, cupping, massage, sports taping, Acupressure, Reflexology, Reiki and Qigong. Alex’s purpose is to help those to find comfort in everyday life through the knowledge he has obtain for the past decade. In 2013, Alex was grandfathered in the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO) and entered into the General class in 2017 by regulations in Ontario. Alex now practices in various locations though out Toronto and the GTA

Welcome Julia!

JuliaKankisPlease welcome our new Registered Acupuncturist Julia!!

Julia Kankis is a Registered Acupuncturist. She studied at Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine, where she learned to incorporate Shiatsu & Tuina massage with Acupuncture for a more holistic treatment. Julia grew up as a dancer and believes the best way to prevent injury is through stretching, relaxation & proper nutrition.

She works at the Eglinton location Monday, Wednesday,Thursday & Sunday.

Welcome Alex!

Welcome Alex

As a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and a Registered Acupuncturist, Alex has been practicing for years before he joined T.S.C group recently. His experience and knowledge in either acupuncture or massage will not only relieve the body pain, but also provide you with great advice for health preservation.

He works on Saturday from 10:00 – 18:00 at Eglinton location.

Welcome Cynthia !!!


Please welcome our new Registered Acupuncturist Cynthia!!

Cynthia is an experienced and knowledgeable acupuncturist. After she learned Japanese Shiatsu Massage, she added  Japanese Acupuncture treatment to her practice. She has plenty of clinical experiences in a variety of clinics. She can provide you with great results using her deep knowledge and sophisticated methods .

She works on Thursday and Saturday at Eglinton location.

Please click here for more information about Cynthia.

Welcome Chiho !

Please welcome our new Acupuncture therapist Chiho!!
She used to work at our clinic 2 years ago. She came back after her practice in Japan.
She is an experienced and skilled Acupuncturist.
Please call our clinic and make an appointment with her.
She is approachable and reliable.
We are looking forward to seeing you.